Dust in Arizona is a never-ending task for most people. Maids are not excluded from this time stealing monster we call dust. In Arizona, we have more sand and dirt than we know what to do with. As a result, it adds to our already growing globs of dust. So how do you combat this issue?

Start With Your Pets

If you have dogs, cats, and even birds, make sure that you groom them on a regular basis. House pets contribute quite a bit towards your dust buildup. If you eliminate a good portion of the shedding hair, you will greatly decrease the dust in your home. Have you ever seen an actual “dust bunny”? We see them every day. These things are thick and made of completely broken down skin particles and are tied together with pet hair. They can stand inches above the surface in which they are growing. Not to mention, they are really bad for people with asthma and allergies!

Healthy Skin = Less Dust

If you have the means, get your pets good conditioner for their baths. A good moisturizing conditioner will help to keep the skin healthy and less flaky. Fewer flakes mean less dust! If your dog is like mine, you will have to pack a lunch to get them into the tub or near the hose outside. I am no dog expert but I know dogs love steaks and hot dogs. It is common in my home to lure the dog to the water source for the bath using hot dogs. It works like a charm for us. Maybe your dog would be the same!

Dust Will Always Be Here in Arizona

Unfortunately, dust will always be present in Arizona homes. There really is no way to avoid its buildup. But if you are able to start with your pets, many times you can cut down on the amount of dust that collects in your home due to pet dander.