If you’re looking for a reliable maid service in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas, West Valley Maids may be just right for you.  With 15 years experience in the residential and commercial cleaning business, we bring a plethora of experience to the table.  Our employees are well trained and will ensure that your home or business is cleaned beyond your expectations.  Nothing goes untouched as our maids pick up everything and clean underneath the items.


  • Kitchenware – Blenders, Coffee Pots, Toasters, Knife Blocks, Cutting Boards, Stacks of Paper, Mail, Keys, and any Other Miscellaneous Objects.
  • Bathroom Items – Toothbrush Holders or Cups, Brushes, Combs, Makeup, Shaving Accessories, and Other Objects on the Bathroom Counters and in the Shower or Tub area.
  • Living Room Items – Gaming Consoles, Gaming Paddles, Nick Knacks, Electronics, Area Rugs, Nick Knacks, and other commonly found items in Living Rooms.
  • Bedroom Items – Framed Pictures, Computer Accessories like Mouse, Keyboard, and Speakers, Mouse Pad, Coffee Cups, Pen Holders, DVDs, and Other Items.
So as you can see, West Valley Maids doesn’t simply come in and whisk through you home doing a shoddy job.  Our staff actually cleans your home or office thoroughly, professionally, and with the same love and care in which they would clean their own home.  We have been cleaning homes professionally for a great deal of years and we know good work when we see it.  You won’t get veiled promises that fail to deliver with West Valley Maids.  We will leave you wanting more!  All of our customers request us back again and again, even if they were a one time clean to begin with!


Our employees or maids, are trained correctly by myself or team leaders who have years of experience and know the West Valley Maids system.  Each one of our girls are rated on their professionalism, thoroughness, punctuality, and customer feedback.  We take great pride in our company and our customer’s homes and we want to continue to provide excellent service to all of our clients.  That is why we encourage you to leave feedback on the team who came and cleaned your home or office.  We welcome all phone calls or you may simply use the contact form on our website.

West Valley Maids is also very affordable.  So if you are looking for a great price without sacrificing quality cleaning in the greater Phoenix area, please give us a call or click on the “Free Quote” above.  There is no obligation for a free quote.  We do them every day!  :)


Some people brag about using the “Real Tools” for a job.  While being correct about needing the right tool for the right job, that only gets you so far.  The “Real” Tool is the person doing the cleaning or rather, their skill level and desire to do a good job.  You can have the best and most state of the art tools for a job but, if the person using them doesn’t have their head in the game, it won’t turn out as well as expected.

This is why West Valley Maids puts so much emphasis on cleaning techniques, practice, and training.  As the owner and having over 15 years experience, I know what to look for.  I train my maids in a fashion that enables them to not only clean your home impeccably, but to do it in less time than you could of imagined.  Our girls are trained well and that carries over into their work in our customer’s homes and offices.  You will find that a lot of Maid Companies promise things that they simply don’t deliver.  West Valley Maids not only meets our customer’s expectations, we exceed them each and every time.

So give us a try and see why we have a 99% repeat business ratio.