How To Poperly Clean Glass Desks

If you like glass desks, you already know what a pain they are to keep clean!  They can be quite a challenge to say the very least.  While glass desks, especially the modern ones, have nice curb appeal, they get very dirty very fast.  Things like rings from coffee mugs, rings from cups of ice water or drinks, the smallest of food particles show up easily, and let us not forget dust.  Dust wreaks havoc on Glass desks.  So what you can you about it?  The answer may not be as easy as you think and I apologize in advance if you don’t like my answer.

Yep, there is no “magic bullet” for keeping a glass top clean.  You simply have to keep up with it on a regular basis.  My husband has a Z-Line glass desk that he absolutely loves.  So you can imagine how I cringed when I saw him show up at home last year with desk.  Don’t get me wrong.  That desk is very modern and sleek.  It looks very nice but, as my husband found out, it is a chore to keep clean.  Glass just collects everything or at least if shows up more easily than on other surfaces.

Here is what my husband does.  He keeps a small bottle of glass cleaner handy and a clean rag.  Every other day, he spends about 5 minutes dusting off his computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.  He starts high, and goes low, just like I taught him.  🙂  Once he has done that, he gets the glass cleaner and gives the desk top (The Glass) a good spray and proceeds to wipe it down.  In 7 minutes it is sparkling again.

You will learn very quickly as my husband did that, if you keep up with your glass desk, it won’t be that difficult to keep clean.  You simply have to stay on top of it.  If you have some stains that you just can’t get off with a rag, water, or cleaning solution, get a razor blade.  You will find that with glass, it should come right off after a few swipes at it.  Keep the raze level with the glass and try not to lift one end of the razor or you risk scratching the glass.